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The Game

WC 2006 in Germany , an Olympic tournament in Beijing 2008, WC in South Africa 2010, in between great club soccer and the major European tournaments and championships in every continent - the mouth waters for all soccer lovers.

It is tifos, delicious dribbling, hot derbies, feints, passion, tension, drama and big business. It is also joy, small boys and girls on gravel pitches around the world and it is wide smiles even when the ball goes on the wrong side of the goal frame.

It is in this world VSG is born and it is in this world we are going to work. King soccer rules! The International football association (FIFA) has 223 member countries and at The Big Count a few years ago the result showed 242 million licensed players in the world.

Soccer is show biz and sport at the same time. It is also a multinational business with a huge turn over. Sponsor contracts are also about billions and where the clubs goes new ways with their sponsors (look at Arsenal and Emirates new stadium in London).

And all rotates around one thing - the stars. It is the stars, the brilliant players, the magic feet the audience wants to enjoy (and pay for). The stars have been talents that have been developed and refined. We were all small. All want to be bigger.

This is in a nutshell the world of VSG.