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Donate to next generation

Your donation provides youth players with the priceless gift of professional soccer knowledge.

It is an investment with a powerful impact.



Soccer sponsorship

Soccer Sponsor is a new hot concept from VSG, by buying Soccer sponsorships you will get the excitement of following a young soccer talent, perhaps all the way to the crowded grounds of European soccer,

By buying one or several Soccer sponsorships, you support one student, each student will have ten Soccer sponsorships. The price of a sponsorship is $400 and is used to guarantee high quality soccer training, education, food and health care from the age of six to twelve years hopefully your student will make it all the way to the VSG Soccer Pro Academy

You cannot select country unless you buy at least ten Soccer sponsorships. If you buy ten or more Soccer sponsorships please enter your preferred country in the message box.

When you order a Soccer sponsorship you will receive:

- Certificate with information about the child you support
- T-shirt (Please write your size and colour in the message box)
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