Soccer Sponsor School

Soccer Sponsor School is the wide base in the VSG concept. In each country where we operate, we are running our own schools and academies. We also have agreements with local charity organizations that already run schools for children. The children will start in Soccer Sponsor School when they are around six years old.

The cooperation at this level between VSG and the local charity organization adds value to the education with two hours of soccer training four days in a week. The soccer training is structured and based on European fundamental training, both practical and theoretical. Trainers will come from local clubs or from the VSG organization. They have wide competence and experience of international and national top soccer, both as leaders and players. When recruitment is done directly from local clubs, the players will be given education from VSG according to the VSG model.

Each country will have different number of schools and players and students, depending on accessibility to good schools, recruitment and maturity.

Individuals or companies wanting to support a child can be a sponsor for one or several children. For $30 per month your sponsorship is used to guarantee soccer training, education, food and health care from the age of six to twelve years.

No deductions are made from the sponsors' payments for administration. Our administrative costs will be met by incomes from corporate business sponsor packages, global business club membership and from player investments and transfers.

The sponsorship sum is divided as follows:

  • 50% to develop VSG soccer academies and schools globally
  • 25% to the local VSG charity program
  • 25 % to develop VSG soccer academies and schools locally.

Sponsorship within the concept of VSG is a modern version of the classic child sponsorship. With this concept the children in Soccer Sponsor Schools will get professional soccer education, food and health care in secure and organized form.

To be a soccer sponsor is valuable both for the sponsor and for the child. It means a lot for the children that people far away in a richer world thinks about them and the sponsor will have a friend for life.

Modern technologies like internet web pages and email will help the sponsor and the child to keep in touch and the sponsor can follow the soccer training and see how the child's skills develop. Maybe will your child go all the way from regular soccer school to a soccer academy, a professional soccer club and maybe even to the national team?

With ordinary sponsorship for children in the third world is the joy of helping a big motivator. With soccer sponsor this joy will be increased with the joy and interest around soccer. Who wouldn't like to be a sponsor of a player in the Nigerian, Ghanaian or the Brazilian national team? To follow the development of a talented soccer player will add new dimensions to sponsorships. Children not going to an academy will continue their education in the same school or move to a new depending on the education system in the country.