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Soccer Pro Academy

Soccer Pro Academy is the next step for the students from Soccer Sponsor School that meet the demands and criteria's that are required for a career as a professional soccer player.

Soccer Pro Academy is the core operation in VSG's work with training and enhancing talents to real soccer players.

The basic demand for being accepted to Soccer Pro Academy is a successful schooling in Soccer Sponsor School and via selected try outs. The demands in terms of Soccer are very professional and include physics and technique. The education can be compared to a driving licence for soccer.

Students and players accepted to Soccer Pro Academy attend school from the age of 12 to 18 years of age. Normal education is mixed with soccer training under professional leadership an in cooperation with local partners. On all academies all over the world is the VSG training model implemented. The training model is complete with a very comprehensive training material.

It is also important to give students and players a social education so they are able to handle the social aspect of the life as professional soccer players in a new environment. Social education will also benefit those students who don't continue as professional players.

The goal is that the student/player will start their professional career after Soccer Pro Academy. When a player goes from the academy to a professional club the sponsors, both Soccer Sponsor School and Academy Player Investor sponsors will get their shares of the transfer sum (club to club), the rest goes to VSG and the charity program. From now the player has his new personal contract with the new club.

Responsibility for young soccer players

We help them in their careers as soccer players, both as professionals in the major clubs but also if they continue in local clubs. It is very important for the players to know that they will not be left alone and that they have an organisation to turn to for help and support.

VSG will actively follow up on all players coming from our schools and academies. This will ensure that they get a correct treatment and that they will be taken care if they don't succeed or get into a conflict with their clubs. With the knowledge of how clubs and trainers treat their players we can also choose to ban clubs as potential buyers. The welfare of our youths is the most important. With this knowledge and security VSG will also help them succeed as players.

Full responsibility

A part of Soccer Sponsor is also to continue to support the youths after the academy or Soccer Schools even if they don't continue as soccer players.

They will be supported to have higher educations and/or start to work within the organisation. To have former academy players as teachers will be a huge benefit for the organisation and the country. Players who have succeeded abroad will be encouraged to come back to their country and help the next generation of youths.

VSG will work closely together with the local charity organisation in every country to make sure that all youths coming from our Soccer Schools and Soccer Pro Academies will get a chance of getting a higher education.

Other types of work within the organisation will also be offered to them who doesn't continue their education. A natural work is to help with the soccer training in the Soccer Schools and Soccer Pro Academies.