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These are the five products within the VSG concept.

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Soccer Sponsor School

Soccer Sponsor School is the wide base in the VSG concept. In each country where we operate, we are running our own schools and academies. We also have agreements with local charity organizations that already run schools for children.

The children start in Soccer Sponsor School when they are around six years old. The cooperation at this level between VSG and the local charity organization adds value to the education with two hours of soccer training four days in a week.

The soccer training is structured and based on European fundamental training, both practical and theoretical.

Soccer Pro Academy

Soccer Pro Academy is the next step for the students from Soccer Sponsor School that meet the demands and criteria's that are required for a career as a professional soccer player.

Soccer Pro Academy is the core operation in VSG's work with training and enhancing talents to real soccer players. The basic demand for being accepted to Soccer Pro Academy is a successful schooling in Soccer Sponsor School.

The demands in terms of Soccer are very professional and include physics and technique. The education can be compared to a driving licence for soccer.

Gold Sponsor Academy

Gold Sponsor Academy is a pure sponsorship where large companies sponsor a Soccer Pro Academy in a country of their choice. This form of sponsorship is perfect for companies with a subsidiary in the country.

With sponsorship the company will be a cooperation partner with VSG in respective country and will receive several business advantages. In connection with every academy there is a Business Club where sponsor companies can network, take part in seminars and conferences make contacts on high levels. The love of soccer is with other words a foundation for successful business.

Green Diamond Partner

In seven countries one club is exclusively selected to be a Green Diamond Partner. The selected club will have an exclusive right to cooperation with VSG, the right to invite VSG talents to training camps, evaluation and an eventual transfer.

Education Sponsor

As an Education Sponsor you help finance the daily activity in a VSG Soccer School. In a Soccer School, soccer is added as a new subject on the schedule in the school. The children, between six and thirteen years of age, get a playful professional soccer education, four days in the week, according to the VSG model. The also get equipment, extra food and access to fully educated trainers. The Soccer School can also be named after your company.