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Gold Sponsor Academy

Gold Sponsor Academy is a pure sponsorship where large companies sponsor a Soccer Pro Academy in a country of their choice. This form of sponsorship is perfect for companies with a subsidiary in the country.

With sponsorship the company will be a cooperation partner with VSG in respective country and will receive several business advantages. In connection with every academy there is a Business Club where sponsor companies can network, take part in seminars and conferences make contacts on high levels. The love of soccer is with other words a foundation for successful business.

The sponsor companies can use the academies in their own marketing, invite partners to the games and other events, or let their employees visit the facility. Here the companies have a great opportunity to strengthen their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) where they have operations by focuses sponsorship on local, national and global level.

The sponsors are also guaranteed shirt advertising, banners on the Internet and different forms of sponsor packages.

15% percent from local sponsorship goes directly to the local charity program.

We are now building VSG Academies in Argentine, Brazil, Philippines, Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya. You are now offered exclusive possibilities to partnership and access to unique marketing rights. For example;

  • Name rights to VSG Academy Pro in a country of your choice.
  • Right to use VSG Academy Pro in marketing and personnel activities.
  • VSG Academy Pro shares.
  • Match shirts branded with corporate logotype.
  • Corporate logotype under menu VSG Academy Pro on homepage.
  • Corporate presentation and information regarding sponsoring and CSR in VSG Newsletter.
  • Participation in one of VSG seminars per year.
  • Participation in VSG global business group.