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Now your company can be an Education Sponsor for selected VSG soccer schools. This is an offer your company can have great joy and benefit from. Soccer schools are the base in the VSG concept. Many companies have already realized the value of social responsibility and in this offer of school sponsorship you give the children schooling, health care, joy and the possibility to learn the foundation of "the funniest game in the world" soccer!

As an Education Sponsor you help finance the daily activity in a VSG Soccer School. In a Soccer School, soccer is added as a new subject on the schedule in the school. The children, between six and thirteen years of age, get a playful professional soccer education, four days in the week, according to the VSG model. The also get equipment, extra food and access to fully educated trainers.

As an Education Sponsor you will get continuous information about the children's educational development, soccer development, games, and social progress. You will also get information about other activities, as fieldtrips and everything else that happens during the year.

The Soccer School can also be named after your company, for example Maxell Ltd Soccer School Akobima Ghana. As an Education Sponsor your company pay $6 000 annually. The agreement is normally signed for three (3) years at a time. The amount will be invoiced.

Your company will be marketed in our newsletter. You will have your logo and a link as a partner on our webpage. Other joint marketing activities and name rights for the school can be discussed.

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