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Academy Player Investor

The Product "Academy Player Investor" gives you an opportunity to invest directly in a player on academy level. When the students have reached the Soccer Pro Academy they have showed talent so they have a good chance of becoming professional soccer players with good expert training can .

At this level the sponsorship can be looked upon as an investment. The output of professional soccer players will be high and with the level of cost for talented player in today's soccer, the profit can be substantial. At the same time it is a thrilling experience to have a chance to sponsor a player that can make it in the major professional clubs in Europe and play in the World Cup for his national team.

At this level the investor chooses the player he wants to sponsor. That is to say, VSG doesn't randomly choose player. Within the product Academy Player Investor the player has one share. The price for this share is $10 000. If the player is sold to a club, the share is worth 25 % of the transfer sum.

15 % of the income from Academy Player Investor goes directly to the charity program.

With the product Academy Player Investor former soccer stars have a fantastic chance to be part of the game they love most of all. VSG and the product Academy Player Investor give in this way the former players access to a network for contacts and business.

Academy Player Investor is also the perfect investment for companies looking for opportunities for investing in Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR. Academy Player Investor is one of few investments which mean charity, advertisement and a possibility of a profit.