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2014-11-28: VSG Academy Oyo, Oyo State is Not existing

Important message. VSG Academy Oyo, Oyo State is Not existing

We once and for all like to clarify that VSG doesn't have any academies in Oyo, Oyo State. The former management is no longer working for VSG or is not associated with VSG. It has come to our knowledge that people still use VSG brand and name in purpose to benefit in different ways. VSG academy is located in Lagos and VSG second academy will be set up in Abuja 2015. If people contact you for football business or other business proposals and refer to VSG Oyo, Oyo State or other VSG combinations like Velletri Sports International or other VSG Academy or School names it's NOT associated with Velletri Soccer Group (VSG) and should not be treated seriously.