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2007-05-28: VSG in cooperation with Chinese pop star Wei Wei and FC Barcelona

Chinese singer and megastar Wei Wei has joined hands with world famous soccer club FC Barcelona for a new music video release. The parts have agreed with Velletri Soccer Group to be a major partner in the project which objective is a salute to female soccer.

The music video will be launched in connection with World Cup 2007 for women in China, starting in September. In the video there will be youth players representing VSG acting together with players from FC Barcelona. Wei Wei will sing a brand new song with the players.

The shooting of this video started Wednesday, May 23 on location at Camp Nou in Barcelona and will continue for three days.

- This is a fantastic project for all parts. For VSG there will be global awareness of our concept and a great opportunity to increase our business. With expanding business more children of the world will make it in to our schools and soccer academies.