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Translation of article in El Mundo Deportivo

The Madonna of Asia is of the Barça

Wei Wei, stars of the pop one in China, has recorded its last videoclip in the Camp Nou

Fernando Polo/BARCELONA

29/05/07 03:00 Perhaps although to the great public it does not sound too much its name to him, Wei Wei is a super star of the pop one in China. In fact, in the Asian continent they compare it with Madonna, the great icon of the pop music of the Nineties. Among other things, because Wei Wei can be conceited of which it has only obtained the blond temptation: to sell more than 200 million discs. Now, this singer of Eastern beauty has been associated to the Barça in a project that will report great benefits to both parts.

The last week, Wei Wei rolled in the Camp Nou the first part of its last videoclip. The second part of he himself will record it in Beijing in August, agreeing with the Asian tour of the FC Barcelona. The subject is titled "Go girl go" and in he himself the choirs participate to several soccer players of the Barça doing.

Once engraving, the subject will be released in the occasion of the World-wide inauguration of the feminine one of soccer that will be disputed in China from next the 10 of September. The success is ensured because in their country, where 1,300 million people live, the followers of Wei Wei are legion, and more now than he has decided to sell his last CD through unloadings of movable telephone. Its popularity has been decisive so that the FC Barcelona has decided to collaborate with her.

In its eagerness to open and to consolidate new markets, the Barça considers that to work with the most famous singer of China it is a gold occasion to expand by the Asian continent. For that reason it has given permission to Wei Wei so that it records his paper clip in the Camp Nou and so that this summer ends next to its stars. To her also the experience goes to him well to occur to know in the West.

The artist was in the Estadi the past Saturday seeing in direct the Barça-Getafe. Yesterday, he commented the experience with Md in the impressive terrace of the Omm Hotel of Barcelona. " Was vibrant. There was much emotion, much voltage, and I amused much. When I saw that they expelled to Ronaldinho I returned crazy and I began to shout: "It cannot be". The truth is that I do not understand much of soccer but I am learning in the last weeks. And what I know it is that Ronaldinho is the best one of the world. Also I like Eto'o, Messi and Deco ", assured.

The Asian singer, who photographed itself next to Joan Laporta, very is not become fond of to soccer but " little by little " is it understanding: " What I see is that it is a very emotional sport and in that it is looked like my profession. As much as other we dedicated ourselves to make enjoy people, or to try it at least. In fact, I was touched the other day in the Camp Nou ". " Cantar in a scene thus must be impressive. Hopefully someday " could do it I, added.

The videoclip "Go girl go" tries to be a tribute of the man the women and tries to present throughout the world soccer feminine, covered almost always by the masculine version of he himself. Also they take part in the choirs of the video a group of 16 children born in the 16 countries that will participate in World-wide the feminine one. The chavales come from the soccer academies of Velletri Soccer Group (www.velletrisoccergroup.com), a North American company that is in charge to give to boys of underdeveloped countries the opportunity to form at soccer and academic level.

The Barça already is known in Asia, but it will be it much more thanks to Wei Wei (www.weiweimusic.com). This singer will be one of stars of the ceremony of inauguration of the Olympic Games of Beijing 2008, that event that the azulgrana club tried to publicitar in its t-shirt in a management that did not finish anything well.