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USA (Main office)
Velletri Soccer Group Inc
1308 Delaware Ave
Wilmington , DE 19806
Email: info@velletrisoccergroup.com

Velletri Sports Management Ltd (GH)
Email: info@velletrisoccergroup.com
VSG Velletri Soccer Management Ltd (NG) (UR)
Email: info@velletrisoccergroup.com


Contact us


Warning: Correct email address when in contact with VSG..

It has come to our attention that our name Velletri Soccer Group or VSG has been used by individuals not associated with VSG in attempts to do business.

These occurrences have particularly occurred in Nigeria. Email addresses not associated with VSG has been used, for example: vsgsoccer@yahoo.com, vsgnigeria@yahoo.com, vsgacademy@gmail.com, vsgnigeria@hotmail.com

When in contact with VSG via email make sure that correct email address is used:

Correct format: firstname.lastname@velletrisoccergroup.com

If the email address is not in this format it’s not a official VSG email address and the individual using is not associated with VSG.

If you have been contacted via an incorrect email address we recommend that you forward this/these emails to info@velletrisoccergroup.com for verification.