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Training Methods

The training method of VSG is a complete soccer training programme for children in all ages, for seniors including elite players, for coaches, soccer schools and soccer academies. The soccer method includes a large number of practices, which means there are almost 1,600 in total.

Our aim is to help all young soccer players have the same opportunity for basic soccer training, no matter where they grow up in the world. The players who practise most often and most effectively will also become the best, wherever they live. The soccer method has been developed for all players.

The coaching & training package is not just for the best players in soccer pro academies. All young players in our soccer sponsor schools have the same opportunity to develop and share in the knowledge we have about soccer. The players want to learn, and they have a great thirst for knowledge. All players can improve if we give them the chance and if they receive knowledge. In the end, some players will develop into better soccer players than others, but everyone has been given the opportunity from the start to develop according to his own abilities.

Even more important is the fact that all the players have been encouraged to take part in a rich period of soccer activity when young. We know that this saves many young children from other, less desirable activities.