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The Concept

The goal of VSG is to help children in developing countries and bring new soccer stars to the pitch.

This is done with a totally new model and a new way of thinking. The basic idea is that happy children will also make great soccer players. Therefore, this concept starts in early ages, when the children are six years old and in countries which often lack structures to give their children a good start in life with education, food and health care.

VSG works with a concept that clearly states that financial strength is needed to give children in developing countries education, food and health care, to give them a foundation for a future within soccer.

Financing is done through individuals and companies who sponsor by different sorts of sponsorships and receives Soccer Sponsorships in students and players. The Soccer Sponsorships are also an investment that yields a profit if the student becomes a professional soccer player.

This is a renewal of the traditional sponsorships that have existed for many years where the joy of helping a child has been the motivation. With soccer sponsor this joy will be increased with the joy and interest around soccer. Who wouldn't like to be a sponsor of a player in the Argentinean national team? Following the development of a talented soccer player will add a new dimension to sponsorships.

With local cooperation's with charity organizations around the world, already running schools, VSG will implement professional soccer training in the schedule already from the children's school start. Soccer will then follow the children all the way from school until it is time to take the next step on the road to professional soccer, the academies. The cooperation will give new possibilities of income for the local charity organizations and in the future of becoming self-supporting.

The student not making it all the way to the academies or professional soccer will get other possibilities of a professional career. Already they have a foundation of a high quality education from VSG's schools and they will also be given the possibility to continue to work within the organization or in the network of VSG.

Regardless of a professional soccer contract or not - through the concept of VSG a new star has entered the pitch!

VSG is a part of soccer. The company is founded by people with deep understanding of the sport, the soul and its conditions. This is one reason VSG always cooperate with local soccer clubs. The academies will to a certain degree be considered as soccer clubs of their own and will in some cases play in the national leagues.