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The international love for soccer will be the foundation for the new and unique charity business concept of VSG. In cooperation with local charity organisations we start Soccer Schools. With the income from Soccer Sponsor they can support themselves in their mission to help their countries most important resource, the children.

Soccer is a driving force, both for the children who can get an education and the possibility to succeed as professionals, and for the sponsors around the world who can combine a will to support poor children in the third world and a passion for soccer.

Educated and successful young soccer players, with education from VSG in Soccer Sponsor Schools and Soccer Pro Academies, doing careers in international soccer clubs will be fantastic ambassadors for their home countries and inspirations for new generations of poor children who will get education, medical care and soccer training through Soccer Sponsor.

We believe Soccer Sponsor is a new, powerful and innovative concept that shows a new way for us to help children in different countries all over the world. Soccer sponsor is the future and we are fully committed to make this business a success.