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Newsletter from Velletri Soccer Group
Nr 23 | Newsletter from Velletri Soccer Group - We bring good citizens and stars on pitch!

Welcome to the World of Velletri Soccer Group!

VSG training and trials program in Holland, England and Spain.

VSG gives young players from our academies the opportunity to attend our international soccer camp and trials program with professional soccer coaches. Every day during the training the soccer players will execute different soccer drills in order to improve their skills. During the trials, scouts, managers, coaches and agents will attend the event and check and evaluate each singular player.

The training and trials program will take place in following periods:

  • July 2011 Spain, Barcelona total of 16 players
  • September 2011 Holland, Sittard total of 16 players
  • October-November 2011 England, London total of 32 players

The scouting and selection of players will mainly take place from academies in Nigeria and Ghana but also from Cameroon, Congo and Kenya.


VSG Management visiting partners in Milano..

During last week part of VSG Management visiting clubs and business partners in Milano, Italy to discuss deeper cooperation and also meet up with new potential partners who was invited by existing business partners.

The visit ended up with watching Serie A match between F.C . Inter against Catania.

Four new VSG soccer schools are looking for Education Sponsors.

This is a great CSR offer your club or company can have great joy and benefit from. Soccer schools are the base in the VSG concept. Many companies have already realized the value of social responsibility and in this offer of school sponsorship you give the players schooling, health care, joy and the possibility to learn the foundation of "the funniest game in the world" soccer!

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