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Newsletter from Velletri Soccer Group
Nr 19 | Newsletter from Velletri Soccer Group - We bring good citizens and stars on pitch!

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VSG partner in Ghana has launched a new academy.

VSG partner Sharon Babies Football Club has launched a new academy in Kumasi, the second capital of Ghana. The academy has 30 players and is registered for national juvenile colts' league under GFA.

Interview with VSG Supporters Club Members

Here you can read about what some of our supporters have to say and why they decided to sign up for our supporter club in Nigeria.

Our supporters are very important for us when we now are building VSG academies on national bases, their interest in soccer and passion in developing of youth talented players will help VSG to fulfill our goal to be one of the best academies in the country.

Mr Rufus Mr Adedokun Rufus [RSM DIV]
Nigerian Army 2 Div
Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

Actually I got to know of VSG Velletri Soccer Academy and VSG Soccer Supporters Club program from one of their Marketing ladies and I have also met with the VSG Academy Director during their follow up campaign in the Army barracks.

I joined the VSG Supporters Club with great passion as I see the need to become an active member. VSG Supporters Club Program is really interesting and good to be part. I believe, so many football enthusiasts have seen the right kind of Club to be associated with. Opportunity to support youth development in the country and follow up players up to the Professional level is welcome idea.

It's only a foolish man that will not want to be associated with VSG Supporters Club. I am delighted to be member of this noble Soccer Academy.

Mr Felix Mr Adepegba Aderemi Felix
Director - Ade Omo Ade Store
Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

I am a Football lover and played football during my youthful days. I joined VSG Supporters Club, not because of the benefit for member, is to enable me show motivation and encouragement to the young prospective talents who needs our help to excel and fulfil their chosen career in football.

As a former footballer I understand what it means to grow up without proper motivation.

But it's quite fortunate for this generation of young players. And I am happy to be part of this great initiative from VSG Velletri Soccer Academy. As members of VSG Supporter Club, we enjoy great cash benefit from our supported Players contracts fee and that's unbelievable. In fact I am really happy to be club member!


Ms Oluchi Ms Njoku Joannah Oluchi
Ilupeju, Lagos, Nigeria

I salute the great people behind VSG Velletri Soccer Academy for their laudable program and trying to bring smile to many Nigerians.

I have special interest in football and support any team that plays well. I was introduced to the VSG Supporters Club membership recently and I am delighted to be a member. I see enviable prospects in the aims and objectives of the VSG Supporters Club.

A condition where part of our contribution to the VSG Supporters Club goes to the less privileged and Charity Homes is a very good reason, why most people are demounting for this wonderful opportunity to touch lives positively. I also think this is one of its kinds in Nigeria, where people support an Academy and get financial benefits in return. So VSG Supporters Club program is commendable and recommendable to very Nigerian.

Ms Modupe Ms Taiwo Modupe
Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

Surprised - I foresee in the future that by the time the first set of VSG Supporters Club members gets their benefits from VSG Nigeria Players contract, it will be difficult then to join. I see myself as a lucky lady as foundation member.

I appreciate if VSG can remember the first registered members in future, when there will rush to join VSG Supporters Club, I know we Nigerians very well, and they are waiting to see things happen first.

Let me go back to the real talk. My interest in football is not too much per say, but I appreciate the game to a great extent also like to watch Nigerian Super Eagles playing. I know its fun and money-making profession and lots of people enjoy watching and playing this round leather ball.

I chose to become VSG Supporters Club member because they have program for youth development, which is important and benefits for all their registered members, is beyond expectation. It will be thing of joy to support young Nigerian Players and grow up to become Professional Players. I think that is a great vision in football development in Nigeria. VSG Supporters Club ideas are good and encouraging. As member support the players, members are also supporting themselves.

Mr John Mr Opoola John
Elder Statesman
Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria

It's always my joy to watch Nigerian Players play big leagues in Europe. Nigeria is blessed with talents, just as we are blessed with oil. Please members of VSG Velletri Soccer Academy keep it up and remain focus.

I am proud to be member of VSG Supporters Club. I joined the club recently, because I have interest in football and passion for youth football development. It is my pleasure also to see young players playing in the streets of Nigeria and Television. This VSG Supporters Club Program from VSG Velletri Soccer Academy is quite new and unique and interesting concept, compared to the general concept of VSG Supporters Club.

Not just joining as a member of VSG Supporters Club because of benefits, we should take delight and responsibilities in ensuring that - our leaders of tomorrow [players] and the VSG Academies Nigeria are well equipped and protected financially. Another important part is that every member of VSG Supporters Club will have cash benefits when our Players sign Professional Contract in Europe. So I am impressed with the system and happy to be a member.

Mrs Rebecca Mrs Opoola Rebecca
Women Leader
Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria

I am also a registered member of VSG Supporters Club. Like my husband, I joined the Club because of the good objectives of VSG Velletri Soccer Academy. They are concerned in taking our youth, who loves and has the desire to take football as Profession, in the right direction.

VSG Supporters Club also have beneficiary scheme program in place for every member, which presents us with monetary rewards for our support. With this I believe and know that a lot of Nigerians will be part of this program, as they see things unfold. And I believe again, that the future and welfare of our youth in the Academy will be guaranteed and that is my joy.

Long Live VSG Nigeria!


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