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Nr 15 | Newsletter from Velletri Soccer Group - We bring good citizens and stars on pitch!

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VSG Academy Nigeria players, coaches, director and sponsor invited by club partner IFK Gothenburg in Sweden.

During week 50 five players and two coaches received professional training and education from IFK Gothenburg's academy director Mr Roger Gustafsson.

The goal for this week was to enhance VSG coaches' knowledge of education model S2S and to improve their understanding about the development of tactical and technical aspects of the players they work with.

VSG Head coach Mr Okwuonu Ndubuisi and his assistant coach Mr Daniels Tunde Adekunle were very pleased over taking part in the first step of VSG education model.


VSG players visited class 8 at IFK Gothenburg School Anglagardskolan

VSG players visited class 8 at the school Anglagardskolan where students have soccer on the schedule three times a week. The students were allowed to ask questions in English to VSG players, favorite questions were who is your favorite player or favorite team. It was a great experience both for VSG players and students.

On the left picture you can see VSG soccer academy Nigeria Director Mr Prince Jagun Lori and five of his players Adedokun Kazeem Emiola, Ismail Lawal Adebowale, Director Mr Prince Jagun Lori, Okafor Chukwudi, Ogunjobi Oluwakayode, and Olukokun Nejeem Olaitan


VSG players had physical tests.

VSG players had physical tests under the lead of Mr Bent Eric Brenden. The tests are very important to be able to improve the players' physical status.


VSG and Linkbridge Nigeria Limited signed a sponsorship agreement for 2009.

VSG's corporate sponsor partner Linkbridge Nigeria Limited, Mr Abdullahi Uthman Ayodeji Chairman / CEO attended the whole week and took part in all training, education and business activities in the program.

It was a great opportunity to see and evaluate VSG soccer concept and the cooperation with VSG's club partner IFK Gothenburg. An interesting meeting took place at the local TV channel where we studied how VSG can build up and produce our own web-TV club channel. Another interesting meeting was to attend when IFK Gothenburg launched their new stadium Gamla Ullevi and listening to club directors and players about expectations and possibilities with a new stadium.

Host for the corporate sponsor partner Linkbridge Nigeria Limited was VSG Mrs Oluwakemi Ruth Lori Head of Corporate Services Nigeria.


VSG players playing beach volleyball

VSG players were also taking part of a new experience together with IFK Gothenburg's academy players, they played beach volleyball. It was a very joyful and relaxing activity and a perfect opportunity to get to know each other.


VSG players playing match

VSG players ended their visit by playing a match on Sunday. All five players Ismail Lawal Adebowale, Okafor Chukwudi, Adedokun Kazeem Emiola, Ogunjobi Oluwakayode, and Olukokun Nejeem Olaitan started the match against Jonkoping IF, division 1 club who had five senior players on try outs. One player from Island played very well and scored three goals. The match ended 4-1 to Jonkoping and VSG player Ismail Lawal scored for IFK Gothenburg.


VSG player Chaniss in The Black Satellites won the Ibori Cup

VSG player Chaniss in The Black Satellites won the Ibori Cup at the Wafu Under-20 Championship after beating Senegal 5-4 on penalties.

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