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Welcome to the World of Velletri Soccer Group!


We believe that the soccer ball is the funniest toy on earth. Soccer can also be the way to a future. VSG was formed a year ago with a new concept where soccer meets charity. VSG will operate schools and academies all over the world, where education and soccer is on the schedule every day. With a new and pioneering concept is the foundation done for a good life for thousands of children.

The goal of is to create the best soccer players in the world and at the same time help needing children all over the world. All children in our school won't become professional soccer players of course. But all will have a solid education and a good start in life. The concept of VSG is a modern way of charity.

The foundation for VSG operations is social responsibility. Children are the future of the world. Children in the schools of VSG will have the best possible start in life. VSG takes the social responsibility regardless if children succeed with becoming professional soccer players.

The slogan of VSG is "We bring stars on pitch". For us this means that children succeeding with their education are stars even if they don't become soccer professionals. With solid and high quality education they are well equipped for an occupation in their countries. The children with education from VSG schools will get a great start in life compared to many other children.

VSG works with a concept that clearly states that financial strength is needed to give children in developing countries education, food and health care, to give them a foundation for a future within soccer. Financing is done through individuals and companies who sponsor by different sorts of sponsorships and receives sponsor shares in students and players. The sponsor shares are also an investment that yields a profit if the student becomes a professional soccer player.

The training in our schools is based on a professional method, developed in Swedish major leauge club IFK Goteborg. This extensive, computer based program called Secrets of Sport is implemented in all schools and academies within VSG

This newsletter will be published six times a year. We hope that you will follow us in the future. Enjoy your reading!

VSG sponsorship deal

VSG in Ghana has signed a two year sponsorship deal with Fun Play GH Ltd witch means that Fun Play will be Official Club Sponsor of VSG in Ghana. Fun Play is a lottery and gambling company and owns its own gambling licenses with rights to have sports betting and scratch cards operation in Ghana.

We are proud to announce our new partnership with VSG said Mr Henry Broni Amponsah Director of Fun Play GH Ltd. It is exciting to be a active part of this growing youth soccer education organization. Hopefully we can help young kids fulfill their dreams and became professional soccer players.

Ever thought of investing in your own soccer star?

Within VSG we offer four different products which you can learn more about below.

Soccer Sponsor School is the wide base in the Velletri Soccer Group concept. In each country where we operate, we have agreements with local charity organizations that already run schools for children. The children will start in Soccer Sponsor School when they are six years old.

Soccer Pro Academy is the next step for the students from Soccer Sponsor School that meet the demands and criteria's that are required for a career as a professional soccer player. Soccer Pro Academy is the core operation in VSG's work with training and enhancing talents to real soccer players.

Academy Player Investor gives you an opportunity to invest directly in a student on academy level. When the students have reached the Soccer Pro Academy they have showed talent so they can with expert training can have a good chance of becoming professional soccer players. At this level the sponsorship can be looked upon as an investment. The output of professional soccer players will be high and with the level of cost for talented player in today's soccer, the profit can be substantial. At the same time it is a thrilling experience to have a chance to sponsor a player that can make it in the major professional clubs in Europe and play in the World Cup for his national team.

Gold Sponsor Academy is a pure sponsorship where large companies sponsor a Soccer Pro Academy in a country of their choice. This form of sponsorship is perfect for companies with a subsidiary in the country.

VSG recruits students to the Soccer Sponsor Schools in cooperation with local charity organizations, already having schools in the country. Sponsorship of a student in Soccer Sponsor School is a modern form of the traditional sponsorship. VSG randomly selects the student when a new sponsorship comes in, the sponsor can�t select student. If you buy 10 shares at once you have the opportunity to select country.

Twenty percent of the students in Soccer Sponsor Schools are expected to make the try outs to Soccer Pro Academy. At the Soccer Pro Academy level, the sponsorship will be more of an investment. The goal is that a number of students from Soccer Pro Academy will continue to professional soccer, generating profit to the sponsors, investors and the local charity organization. Sales of shares are at the moment only possible via the homepage of VSG, www.velletrisoccergroup.com where you also can read everything about our products

Player of the Month

VSG is proud to introduce our players of the month. Each month Coaches submit their nominees for player of the month. The winner receives an VSG Sports Bag that says "Player of the Month" on it, a t-shirt and a Gift Certificate for VSG.

This month we have players from Ghana and Argentine competing with each other.

Coach Juan B Gomez of the VSGA U10 nominated Julio Cesar Molina as the player of the month for February. Julio or Tito as is his artist name has always been a strong offensive player but over the course of the last few weeks he demonstrated exceptional play on the defence line. He put forward that extra bit of effort in every game making him a force to be reckoned with.

He has been a great example to his team mates, showing them that hard work and determination does pay off. Tito has listened to what his coaches have asked of him and has given them back more of an effort than they could have ever imagined. Congratulations on being the first VSG Player of the Month for February 2006 Tito.